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Family Promise of Washington County, Inc

About Us

History, Mission, and Goals


Family Promise of Washington County began to evolve in 2012 after a series of community assessments highlighted a growing problem with homelessness among families in Washington County. A core group of committed volunteers and churches made contact with the Family Promise national organization. They initiated a planning process which led to Family Promise of Washington County. Some important milestones include:

* 2013 – Family Promise of Washington County was recognized with 501-C-3 status
* 2014 – a property was purchased with grant money for use as a day center and renovations were begun
* 2015 – The Anchor House was opened and used as the center of Family Promise operations
* July 2015 – a full time director was hired
* September 2015 - First families accepted

The mission of Family Promise of Washington County is to to help homeless families achieve ​independence though a community based response.

Since opening our doors in September of 2015, Family Promise has received 368 referrals and has served 23 families representing 37 adults and 48 children, ranging in age from newborn to 14 years, and one pregnant mother totaling 84 individuals. As of Q1 2018, 12 of our parents had obtained jobs, eight families had transitioned into stable housing, and one mother obtained her G.E.D and CNA. All families have been connected with supportive community resources.



 Our board meets on the first Tuesday of every month.  

5:30 for commitees and 6:15 as a board.

President- Kelley Becker
Vice President - Michael Huff

Secretary- Lorri Hanna
Treasurer- Dianne Crow
Lee Stephens

Robert J Fries

Dustin Hancock

Tami Brinkman

Jamie Carithers

Debbie Hathaway

Executive/Network Director


Ashley Sikes