Family Promise of Washington County, Inc

Additional Information

Is Family Promise a shelter? 

No, FPWCOK is a transitional program for families with children interested in creating a stable, permanent situation for themselves and their families.  

How does the program work?

Families sleep at various community churches for one week at a time. Dinner is served every evening by volunteers. During day hours, family members who are not in school or at work stay at the FPWCOK Day Center where they work on a family permanency plan.

Who can apply?

Any family with at least one minor child can apply, including expecting parents.  Both one-parent, two-parent, mixed generation, and guardian-led families are considered. Adults must sign a contract agreeing to active case management and be willing and able to work.

Are there any exceptions?

FPWCOK is unable to accept anyone with:

  • an active substance abuse problem
  • a serious untreated mental illness
  • risk of violence or sexual offences

How do I qualify for your program?

If you feel you qualify for the Family Promise program, call the office at 918-815-3457 and set an appointment to meet with our Network Director.

Is there a waiting list?

On occasion, FPWCOK services do fill up; however, it is still important to fill out an application. Living situations can change rapidly and we can serve families more efficiently if we know how many families are in need.

How long can I stay?

Length of stay depends on the individual needs of the families in the program.  The average stay is 90 days.