Family Promise of Washington County, Inc

For Volunteers


What do volunteers do?

Volunteers can contribute in many ways. The majority of our volunteers assist at the host congregations:

  • Cooking and serving meals
  • Playing with children and helping them with homework
  • Staying overnight with guest families
  • Just being there for children and their families, showing them compassion and respect, and sharing a sense of community

We also utilize volunteer mentors for guests who have left the program, tutor kids or provide specialized services, like resume writing, financial counseling or provide tech support, do upkeep on our Day Center, drive the Family Promise van, as well as help out with special events. If you are unsure of how best to contribute, contact our office at 918-815-3457 or via email at

Why do you call them guests?

Family Promise is one of more than 200 Networks that bring together faith communities to help families by providing safe-home like accommodations and healthy meals served in a community setting. The foundation of Family Promise is hospitality which is why families served are referred to as 'guests' and the volunteers as 'hosts'.  It is in this environment that we believe we can help families maintain their dignity, even under the harshest of circumstances. 

What does the training involve and when is the next training?

Volunteers who wish to have direct contact with guest must complete 1 ½ hour FPWCOK training which details the causes and impact of homelessness, the Family Promise Network model, and how to interact with guests.  Please call the office for the next training date.

Can I still volunteer if I am not part of a faith community?

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.Yes, in fact, unaffiliated volunteers are a critical to our operations.  Unaffiliated volunteers help mentor family members, fill holes in congregational schedules, transport guests, plan events, and help maintain our day center. If you would like to volunteer, contact our office at 918-815-3457 or